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Is it possible to segmentize the data ?

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Casey on 27 Sep 2012
Is it possible to segmentize the data if in the beginning I use textread the data which is originate from the notepad format.
example of the data:
[Wed Sep 19 12:39:16.438 2012] $GPGGA,094303.70,6909.6349,N,08327.5081,E,1,09,1.2,813721.35,M,-14.40,M,,*74
[Wed Sep 19 12:39:16.516 2012] $GPGSV,3,1,11,04,60,117,45,12,53,237,45,02,47,203,44,25,38,296,44*7C
[Wed Sep 19 12:39:16.594 2012] $GPGSV,3,2,11,10,26,144,44,31,20,344,43,20,18,037,,23,15,061,43*72
[Wed Sep 19 12:39:16.657 2012] $GPGSV,3,3,11,17,14,112,44,29,06,278,,32,02,014,44*4E
I manage to categorised into 2 set of datas, 1 is the [date, time] the other is the long strings of GPGGA and GGGSV. If I want to further categorised the difference of GPGGA and GPGSV, is it I have to use sscanf?
Casey Liew

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