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Is it not possible to call a Matlab .DLL from .NET in parallel?

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Doug Rank
Doug Rank on 19 Dec 2019
I have a compiled Matlab DLL called "GeneticAlgorithmOptimizer.dll" with a class/method "gaOptimizer.optimize()" that uses said algorithm to generate a solution based on some input data and parameters. It takes about an hour to generate the solution.
I would like to call it in parallel through a .NET application like so:
List<bool> boolList= new List<bool> { false, true };
Dictionary<bool, double[]> matlabSolutions = new Dictionary<bool, double[]>();
Parallel.ForEach(boolValueList, (boolValue) =>
var inputData = dataGetter.getData(boolValue);
var parameters = parametersGetter.getParameters(boolData);
var opt = new gaOptimizer();
result = opt.optimize(inputData, parameters);
lock (matlabSolutionsBothPools)
matlabSolutions.Add(boolValue, result);
However, the calls to Matlab end up happening in sequence rather in parallel. The first one has to complete before the second one starts.
Is this a limitation of Matlab? Does anyone know a way around this?

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