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Replacement of Nan to 2.74

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ali tefeili
ali tefeili on 29 Dec 2019
Commented: Rasim Tawfeeq on 27 May 2020
One of the elements in the usage variable has a value of NaN. Replace this value with the value 2.74.
How can i write this ??
Rasim Tawfeeq
Rasim Tawfeeq on 27 May 2020
usage (2,3)=2.74

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Answers (2)

Star Strider
Star Strider on 29 Dec 2019
Use the isnan function to detect it and its location. Since this seems to be a homework problem, I leave the rest to you. (If it is not a homework probllem, I will provide a more detailed Answer.)
Star Strider
Star Strider on 30 Dec 2019
My pleasure.
Use the find function. See the documentation to understand how to get both the row and column indices.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 20 Feb 2020
You could use the fillmissing function to fill the location of your missing data (NaN for double and single precision variables) with a constant. It will also allow you to specify different methods to fill that missing data (several types of interpolation, values that are "around" the missing data, or moving average or median.)





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