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how to select the second maximum value for an array.

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jaah navi
jaah navi on 7 Jan 2020
A=[20 60 80 100 75 90 35 55]
with respect to A if i use the command max(A) it gives 100.
But i need to choose the second maximum value 90.
Could anyone please help me on this.

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ES on 7 Jan 2020
B = sort(A, 'descend');
Max2 = B(2);


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Lucademicus on 7 Jan 2020
One way would be to sort the array and take the value of the second to last value.
[a,b] = sort(A);
maximum = A(b(end-1));
There are multiple ways to achieve this. I'm sure somebody will come up with a nicer oneliner, but this should do your job.


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