Cannot move or resize colorbar in tiledlayout

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Hi everyone. I have a problem with the Colorbar and the tiledlayout function. Once I create a tiledlayout and create the colorbar for each axes it appears that i cannot manually move or resize the colorbar. The following warning appears:
Warning: Error updating ColorBar.
The reference object is invalid.
And then the colorbar places in the middle of the axes.
As an example, try out this:
ah(1)=nexttile(1); imagesc(rand(3,4));
ah(2)=nexttile(2); imagesc(rand(3,4));
cbh = colorobar(ah(2));
cbh.Position(4) = 0.5
Sindar on 20 Jan 2020
The exact same behavior happens when you try to move/resize it in the GUI. That's a bad sign

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Answers (1)

Edoardo Ferocino
Edoardo Ferocino on 20 Jan 2020
Looking at the help I found at that "Setting this property has no effect when the parent container is a TiledChartLayout." referred to the Position property...
I wonder why MATLAB does not let me move the colorbar... I was glad they finally introduced some function for proper arranging axes withouth blank spaces... But this is a little bit annoying. I think I might return to the function subplot1
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Sindar on 20 Jan 2020
Hopefully they'll improve it in later versions. I was also about to switch to TiledChartLayout. Thanks, now I know to wait until it's more a more complete option.

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