find the element in matrix of intersecting vectors

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Here's my code. I have а & b matrices, and A & B vectors that maximize a's rows and b's colums. also there is another matrix that is a combination of these two matrices ( c ).
I want to have such a result that the intersection of A and B vectors will give the corresponding element from c
For example if
A(1)=a(2,1) & A(2)=a(2,2)
B(1)=b(1,2) & B(2)=b(2,2)
THUS the result is c(2,2)
for i=1:2
Ani Asoyan
Ani Asoyan on 23 Jan 2020
ok here's the thing.
I have two matrices.
a=[1, 2; 3, 4]
b=[5, 6; 7, 8]
and I maximize 'a' matrix's rows
and maximize 'b' matrix's colums
now I have 2 vectors` A and B
Also I combine a and b matrices and get another matrix named c (sorry I didn't include it in the code back then)
endnum2strcell = @(m) arrayfun(@num2str, m, 'UniformOutput', false);
c=strcat(num2strcell(a), num2strcell(b))
Here's the question
I want to get the element of intersection of 'A' and 'B' vectors, and I want it to find in c matrix.
For example. If
A(2)=a(1,2) ('A' vector will be 'a' matrix's 1st column)
B(2)=b(2,2) ('B' vector will be 'b' matrix's 2nd row)
then the result will be c(1,2)

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Accepted Answer

Matt J
Matt J on 23 Jan 2020
Edited: Matt J on 23 Jan 2020
attainedA=( max(a,[],1)==a );
attainedB=( max(b,[],2)==b );
result = c(attainedA & attainedB)
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Ani Asoyan
Ani Asoyan on 23 Jan 2020
OMG thank you so much !! This is exactly what I wanted!!

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