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App design GUI for Numeric/Text edit fields

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Jogger on 24 Jan 2020
Closed: Jogger on 29 Jan 2020
App I want to add numeric,text and query edit button to my App.
% Requirement-1
xstart = uieditfield(app.UIAxes,'numeric'); % Get start number from app.UITable.RowName
xstop = uieditfield(app.UIAxes,'numeric'); % Get stop number from app.UITable.RowName
% Requirement-2
xstring = uieditfield(app.UIAxes,'Text'); % Get a string from t_table
% Requirement-3
xquery = query(app.UIAxes); % String search in whole structure joinedtimetable
My Code is added in the attachment with Input test data. I need help on implemention .
Thank you!!


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 28 Jan 2020
The volunteers, when they feel so inclined, answer public questions with public responses, and expect that for the most part the contents of the discussion will be left intact. In this way, everyone who chooses to look can see the discussion and learn from it.
When discussion is removed by the poster, then the discussion was of value to the original poster of the question, but the responses the volunteers made lose context, and become much lower value to anyone who chooses to look at the discussion afterwards. The effect is as if the poster extracted free private consultation from the volunteers. The volunteers are often fairly unhappy when that sort of thing happens.
Jogger on 29 Jan 2020
Could you reframe the question into something that doesn't require using the GUI?
How to provide input's from User GUI
  • Numeric value
  • Text character ( would prefer autotype from read input file table content ( please see the attachment matfile.ziip)
I have a prototype code
prompt = {'Enter start Index:','Enter stop Index:','Enter search phrase:'};
xstart = 'Input';
xstop = 'Input';
dims = [1 35]; % diagBox size-Don't alter
definput = {'20','30','MyString'};
UserInput = inputdlg(prompt,xstart,dims,definput);
Start_Index = str2double(UserInput{1}); % Number
Stop_Index = str2double(UserInput{2}); % Number
Text_Phrase = UserInput{3}; % Text char
Jogger on 29 Jan 2020
I got the right implementation now. I think I can close this issue now
Thank you very much for your help!!

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