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repeated measures anova for three dimensional matrix using several for loops

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Dear all, im trying to run a ranova test on my samples
I have in total 15 Samples/ Matrices with dimensions of 18x5038 each. the 18 rows are always several timepoints and the 5038 are feature intensities at that particular timepoints. I have to do 3 loops in total; i have to loop over my samples(15) , over timepoints (18) and over features (5038). Consider that in the t_Strains table i want to have the time points in columns as the time points in the orginial matrices are in rows. in the end i want to compute the two LB p-values as i wrote in the code already.
I would really appreciate your help.
Strains = ['B' 'B' 'B' 'J' 'J' 'J' 'T' 'T' 'T'...
'C' 'C' 'C' 'D' 'D' 'D']';
FinalpVal = zeros(2,length(Spos.FeatFilter));
for i=1:length(Spos.FeatFilter) %loop over features
for j=1:length(FieldNames) %loop over samples
for k=1:length(Spos.Submatrices.tpoints) %loop over timepoints
t_Strains(i) = table(Strains,(here i need the input from the 15 matrices of my samples)
'VariableNames',{'Strains','t0', 't0.1', 't0.25', 't0.5', 't1', 't2', 't3', 't4', 't5', 't6', 't7',...
't8', 't9', 't10', 't11', 't12', 't13', 't14'});
rm_Strains = fitrm(t_Strains,'t0-t14 ~ Strains','WithinDesign',bact_tp);
FinalpVal(:,i) = table2array(ranovatbl_Strains(1:2,8));

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