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Trying to mask can anyone help?

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Alex Doan
Alex Doan on 12 Feb 2020
Commented: KSSV on 13 Feb 2020
choose_in = input('Please enter a psoition between 0 and 360 ');
if (choose_in < 0)
choose_in = abs(choose_in);
Warning('You entered a negative value, taking the ablsolute value');
if (choose_in > 360)
error('The value is greater than 360 inches, program terminated')
a=(0:360); %number 0-choose_in
mask1= a(b);
b= a>=120;
mask2= a>240 & a<360;
Deflection = (1/(3.19*10^9)) * ((((800*choose_in^3) - 13.68 * ((10^6)*choose_in) - (2.5*choose_in^4) + (2.5*((choose_in-120)^4)*((mask1)) + (600*((choose_in-240)^3*(mask2)))))))
%Deflection = Deflection_ahdoan2(choose_in);


Rik on 12 Feb 2020
What do you mean with mask in your context? Also, you forgot to properly format your question.
Alex Doan
Alex Doan on 13 Feb 2020
Logical indexing is what's its called
KSSV on 13 Feb 2020
What you are trying to do in the code? What probelm you facing in the code?
mask1= a(b);
In the above line, what is b? It is not defined and used in the code.

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