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Why am I unable to fetch/pull/push to/from my Team Foundation Server over HTTP in MATLAB R2019b whereas this worked fine in release R2019a?

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I was working with a Git repository hosted on Team Foundation Server over HTTP just fine in MATLAB R2019a; I never had to enter username and/or password. In release R2019b however, MATLAB all of a sudden starts asking for an username and password but then the username and password which I enter is not accepted. After a few tries the operation fails with an error dialog showing:

http://myserver:8090/tfs/DefaultCollection/_git/TestProject: not authorized

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 13 Feb 2020
If you never had to enter an username/password you were likely working with NTLM authentication (where the Git client in MATLAB R2019a can automatically use the Windows credentials of the currently logged-in user to authenticate with the Team Foundation Server). But where in previous MATLAB releases transparent NTLM authentication was enabled, in release R2019b this features has now been disabled; or to be precise the default setting changed in newer Java 8 Runtime Environment versions and MATLAB R2019b contains a newer Java Runtime Environment.
To enable this again:
1. In a single specific MATLAB session, run the following command right after startup:
2. For all future MATLAB R2019b sessions, edit the file returned by the following MATLAB command:
At the bottom find:
And change this into:
Then restart MATLAB.


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