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how do you count the number of zeros after the first 2 digits entered by a user and index that from a string matrix

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Alex Doan
Alex Doan on 15 Feb 2020
Commented: Walter Roberson on 15 Feb 2020
the p2 color guide map should help
Thicc=["Resistor", "Color Band"];
choice= menu('Is your input a resistance or a set of colorband',Thicc);
if (choice~=1)&&(choice~=2)
error('User did not select a value, program terminated')
%Task 2
if (choice == 1)
Resistor1 = input('Enter resistance in ohms as a vecttor');
R1 = ColorCode(Resistor1(1));
R2 = ColorCode(Resistor1(:,2));
find( Resistor1==0);
%fprintf('The Color Band for that resistnace are:'
if sum(Resistor1)==0
error('Terminate program')

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