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How do I get the inverse laplace of this time function?

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Rob Heck
Rob Heck on 16 Feb 2020
Commented: Rob Heck on 16 Feb 2020
s = tf('s'); % specify a transfer function using a rational function in the Laplace variable s.
sysG1 = 2;
sysG2 = 1/(s^2+2*s);
sysG3 = series(sysG1, sysG2);
sysG4 = 1;
sysCL = feedback(sysG3, sysG4) % feedback(sysG4, sysG6) assumes negative feedback and is equivalent to feedback(sysG5, sysG6, -1)
F = ilaplace(sysCL)
The error comes from the last line saying 'Undefined function 'ilaplace' for input arguments of type 'tf'.'


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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 Feb 2020
Transfer functions created with tf() are not symbolic, but ilaplace() is only for symbolic expressions. Fortunately someone wrote a conversion routine.

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