How to avoid calling multiple figures

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Nom on 25 Feb 2020
Commented: Stephen23 on 25 Feb 2020
Currently I have a script that goes through multiple CSVs and plots their data. So the number of loops in my script corresponds to the number of files I have it searching through.
for k = 1 : length(Files)
My problem is, because I'm plotting multiple graphs in different figures for each file. Sometimes, I plot two files on the same figure.
I end up having to hardcode these figures in like this:
f1 = figure;
set(f1,'Visible', 'off');
f2 = figure;
set(f2,'Visible', 'off');
f3 = figure;
set(f3,'Visible', 'off');
f4 = figure;
set(f4,'Visible', 'off');
The reason being is that after each loop, sometimes I want it to plot on top of a specific figure from the previous loop. And I can't call on that figure if it isn't already predefined. But I don't want this list going on forever as I realize this isn't the best way of doing this. How can I remove this altogether but still have the functionality of calling on previous figures.
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Stephen23 on 25 Feb 2020
This is MATLAB, so you should be using indexing with an array of handles:
Using numbered variables is a sign that you are doing something wrong with your code.

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