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I have Matlab script already existing in matlab path for example 'data_work_path'.
'data_work_path' function supports one input argument
I am going to call the above script from another script,
I will be getting the script name as string,
for example a = 'data', b = 'work', c = 'path'
run command woking when without input argument run([a, '_', b, '_', c])
but with input argument as string i am getting the error run([a, '_', b, '_', c, '(''alpha'')'])
can anyone help me?
Thanks in advance
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Gopalakrishnan venkatesan
Gopalakrishnan venkatesan on 20 Mar 2020
Error using run (line 55)
Error: Invalid expression. Check for missing multiplication operator, missing or unbalanced delimiters, or other syntax
error. To construct matrices, use brackets instead of parentheses.

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Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 20 Mar 2020
Edited: Stephen23 on 20 Mar 2020
run does not work with functions, it only works with scripts:
If you want to call a function with some dynamic name, then you can use str2func like this:
str = sprintf('%s_%s_%s',a,b,c);
fun = str2func(str);
fun("alpha") % call it with whatever input arguments it requires.
Of course the function will need to be on the MATLAB Search Path or in the current directory.
Stephen23 on 20 Mar 2020
"sorry i need to call the another script only"
All of your screenshots clearly show that data_work_path is a function. You cannot call it with run.
run only works with scripts.
run does not call functions.

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