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Global variables when doing Matlab array job in a cluster

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CT on 1 Apr 2020
Answered: Rik on 1 Apr 2020
I am running a Matlab array job in the cluster of my university. Specifically, I run a script f.m in parallel several times using the command qsub from the terminal. The parallel jobs may be done in different nodes, depending on the availability.
The script f.m defines some global variables and calls some other functions which use those global variables. I am aware that global variables are not recommended but in my setting they are the easiest way to perform certain tasks.
Question: Each parallel job should use "its own" global variables. Is it correct to say that the global variables do not interfere across parallel jobs despite having the same names?

Accepted Answer

Rik on 1 Apr 2020
I don't have a direct link to the doc, but I'll take Walter's word for it:
"The initial value of the global variables will not be transferred to the workers, and the workers do not share the global variable with each other -- you cannot use global to communicate between the workers. Also, the value of the global variables will not be copied back from the workers to the client."

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