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need help with task 2, heres what i have so far

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Alex Doan
Alex Doan on 1 Apr 2020
Edited: Rik on 1 Apr 2020
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%Task 1
square = input('Enter a proposed magic square: ');
while R~=C
warning('User did not enter a square matrix, try agian');
square = input('Enter a proposed magic square: ');
%Task 2
for i=1:R
for j=1:C
if mod(square(i,j),2)~=0
TASK 1: Matrix size (3 – 5 min) Prompt the user to enter their proposed magic square in a single input statement (e.g. [1 2 3; 4 5 6; 7 8 9] – note that this example is a square matrix but is not a magic square). Determine if the matrix entered is a square matrix. If it is not, inform the user of their mistake and prompt the user to re-enter another matrix. Repeat this check until the user successfully enters a square matrix.
TASK 2: Whole numbers (10 – 15 min) Check that each value in the matrix is a whole number. If it is not, prompt the user to round the number up or down (see example menu statements). Based on their choice, replace the decimal number with the rounded whole value.

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Rik on 1 Apr 2020
This isn't your first question. Please take the time to use the layout tools to make your question readable.
What have you tried so far? How would you determine if a value is a whole number? Have you read the documentation for the menu function? How would you round a number up or down?

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