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How to concatenate horizontaly and not vertically

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Merlin Piron
Merlin Piron on 16 Apr 2020
Commented: Stephan on 16 Apr 2020
Hello everybody,
I'm sorry for my stupid question but I'm starting on matlab ..
I have a problem in my code ... my C and V vectors concatenate vertically ... how can I modify that?
clear all
experience = 'Assets';
extension ='csv';
filelist = dir([experience,'/*',extension]);
nfiles = length(filelist);
% Pour chaque fichier, on récupère les infos et les données
% les données sont stockées dans des tableaux RAIES et DATAS
C = [];
V = [];
for ifile = 1:nfiles
disp(['Traitement du fichier n° ',sprintf('%d',ifile)])
probname = filelist(ifile).name;
probdate = filelist(ifile).date;
RAIES = tmp(:,6);
DATAS = tmp(:,7);
C = [C; [RAIES]];
V = [V; [DATAS]];


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Accepted Answer

Stephan on 16 Apr 2020
C = [C, RAIES];
V = [V, DATAS];
C = [C; RAIES];
V = [V; DATAS];


Stephan on 16 Apr 2020
my pleasure - you might want to accept useful answers in order to show others the questions answer worked for you.

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