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Matlab does not detect TekVISA

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Hello All,
I want to connect to the Tektronix MSO54 via USB, using the VISA driver.
For this, I have downloaded and installed the latest version (4.1) of TekVISA. There is no other alternative VISA installation on this PC (like agilent or NI), so no conflict is suspected, the TekVISA really IS the primary VISA.
Yet, I am unable to connect through TekVISA even to a basic existing serial port. The following line of code fails:
visaObj = visa('tek','ASRL6::INSTR');
The error is:
Error using visa (line 444)
Unable to create VISA object. The required drivers may not be installed properly.
Type 'instrhelp visa' for more information.
Also, if I try to create a VISA instrument in the Test&Measurement Tool, I see no VISA driver is available, see picture below. Do I need to do anything else special for the TekVISA to be visible in Matlab? Thanks.

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Cristian Berceanu
Cristian Berceanu on 17 Apr 2020
I eventually managed to get it to work. I had to uninstall TekVisa 4.1 and instead install the version. It seems not all TekVisa releases are supported by Matlab (or vicevesa,... I am not sure). Anyway, the reason I thought of going for an earlier version (4.0.4) was that the NI-VISA and Other VISA Support from Instrument Control Toolbox support page from Mathworks ( points to it, rather than to the latest available Tekvisa version (which is 4.1).
Best regards,

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