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Remove personal information from MATLAB documentation

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Kapil on 21 Apr 2020
Commented: Wendy Fullam on 24 Apr 2020
We have built help files for a Matlab Add-On. After the package is built or when I manually publish these .m files into html, it produces some personal information from the output of some of my Matlab functions. Information such as directory path, username, computer name, MATLAB install ID etc.
This add-on is commercial and we want to anonymize the data by changing user and computer specific details.
Is there any way to do this during/after publish?


Rik on 21 Apr 2020
If you get no response, you could try contacting the support team.
Wendy Fullam
Wendy Fullam on 24 Apr 2020
I will reach out to a development team who might have some guidance this morning. Stay tuned.

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