Wavelet based band pass

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kalarmago on 23 Apr 2020
Edited: kalarmago on 23 Apr 2020
I read that wavelets are better for signal analysis in time-frequency. I saw that cwt() and icwt() can be used as band pass filters. For instance,
normal = %is a 1-D sequence data
fs = 300;
[wt,f] = cwt(normal, fs);
y1 = icwt(wt,f,[50 100],'SignalMean',mean(normal)); % bandpass between 50 to 100 Hz
However, this results is slighty diffent than the results from bandpass(),
x2 = bandpass(normal,[50 100], fs);% bandpass between 50 to 100 Hz
In my research, I have to work with EEG bandpassed signals to build a high precision detector of abnormalities. Since I am new in signal processing I have doubts about these functions. Can someone explain/suggest me?

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