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How can I check if a string is the name of a custom subclass?

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I have a cell array of strings with names of files that match certain criteria. Now want to test if each of these strings is 1) the name of a class and 2) if it is a class, is it a subclass of the MATLAB Unit Test class. How can I do this?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 29 Apr 2020

You can use a combination of the "exist", "ismember", and "superclasses" functions. This lets you see if a given string represents a class name and whether that class is a subclass of the MATLAB Unit Test superclass. The general syntax is as follows:

exist("classname", 'class') && ismember("superclassName", superclasses("classname"))

In this both "classname" and "superclassName" are strings. This will return logical 1 if "classname" is both a class and "superclassName" appears in the set of its superclasses. This can handle many levels of inheritance, since the "superclasses" function does not only include direct superclasses.


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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 18 May 2020
Another way to do this is to use the meta class functionality. If you construct a metaclass object from a name and that name is not the name of a class, the returned object is empty.
B = meta.class.fromName('bench') % bench.m is not a class file
isAClass = ~isempty(B) % false
The relational operators <, <=, >, >=, ==, and ~= are overloaded for meta.class objects. As stated on the documentation page for these objects < means "Less than function (ClsA < ClsB). Use to determine if ClsA is a strict subclass of ClsB (i.e., a strict subclass means ClsX < ClsX is false)."
As an example, RandStream is a class in MATLAB but it is not a test class.
R = meta.class.fromName('RandStream');
isAClass = ~isempty(R) % true
TC = ?matlab.unittest.TestCase; % Another way of creating a meta.class object
R < TC % False, RandStream is not a subclass of matlab.unittest.TestCase
TC < R % Also false, matlab.unittest.TestCase is not a subclass of RandStream


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