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scatter plot covers the axes values

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Sajid Afaque
Sajid Afaque on 27 May 2020
Commented: Sajid Afaque on 29 May 2020
i have my scatter plot shown above. i have increased the marker size to distinguish clearly between colors.
but since i have increased my marker size ,my values on the axes are overlapped. they are not visible clearly(for example 14 on the y -axis is completely covered by blue color, similarly 16 on the horizontal axis )
is their any way where i can push my axes value further from the axes line.


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Rik on 27 May 2020
If you manually set the tick labels you can set an arbitrary distance between the axis and the label. If this doesn't work you might have to hack your x-ticks with text objects.
t=cellfun(@(v) sprintf('\\newline%s',v),t,'UniformOutput',0);
t=cellfun(@(v) sprintf('%s ',v),t,'UniformOutput',0);


Sajid Afaque
Sajid Afaque on 28 May 2020
it is working for YTicklabel.
nut i dont see a change in XTicklabel position
Rik on 28 May 2020
Which release are you using? You might have to set a LaTeX interpreter explicitly, or it might not be possible at all on your release.

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