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Valid initData to Build Channel?

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Derek De Vries
Derek De Vries on 27 May 2020
Edited: Derek De Vries on 28 May 2020
I recently made a few minor updates to some code and now when I try to run it I'm receiving the following error message:
"Must have valid initData to build channel."
I didn't see much about this searching online and I'm confused what steps I could even take to resolve this? Thanks.


Edric Ellis
Edric Ellis on 28 May 2020
Do you have a minimal reproduction that you can post to demonstrate the error? Also, perhaps the answers here "Must have valid initData to build channel" might help.
Derek De Vries
Derek De Vries on 28 May 2020
It's a large sequence of code inside of a parfor loop so I'm not quite sure how I could. What's confusing is I've run nearly the same model historically without this error ever occuring however now it's taking place. Is it somehow related to memory?
Also I've noticed when I run the model there is now the following message in the Command Window which I don't recall ever seeing previously:
"Preserving jobs with IDs: 114 because they contain crash dump files.
You can use 'delete(myCluster.Jobs)' to remove all jobs created with profile Prod2018a. To create 'myCluster' use 'myCluster = parcluster('Prod2018a')'."

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