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how to load a matfile and access & process its content.

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Sajid Afaque
Sajid Afaque on 15 Jun 2020
Answered: Sindar on 15 Jun 2020
I am explaining my doubt with an example.
Eg: suppose i load a matfile named 'validation.mat' using load command, the contents of it get stored under a variable named " validation" in my workspace. so now can retrieve its content using validation(1,1) ,and so on.(manually created matfile)
now i want to programmatically create a similar kind of matfile at particular directory and give it name "execution.mat". and i also want to load this newly created matfile using load command to workspace and perform actions like executiom(1,1) = 2; and so on.
also note that this nameword "execution" i am deriving from a field of structutre.
so psuedocode would go as:
  1. file_name = struct.somefield ------> here filename contains "execution"
  2. now using file_name which contains execution i want to create execution.mat,load execution and process it

Answers (1)

Sindar on 15 Jun 2020
% create a structure with field 'somefield' containing the desired filename
mystruct = struct('somefield','execution')
% create some example data
myvar = rand(2,2);
% extract the filename mystruct
filename = mystruct.somefield;
% save a mat file named execution.mat containing myvar
save([filename '.mat'],'myvar')
% load data from execution.mat into the newstruct structure
newstruct = load([filename '.mat']);
% replace the row-1/column-1 data with 2
newstruct.myvar(1,1) = 2;
% overwrite execution.mat with the new value for myvar
% note that since myvar is a field of newstruct, you need the -struct argument to save it correctly
save([filename '.mat'],'-struct','newstruct')
Some notes:
  • struct is an important function, don't overwrite it
  • note that loading data from a matfile into a variable creates a structure with corresponding fields. I think this is generally a better idea than an unassigned load (e.g., load([filename '.mat']); ) which dumps the variables directly into the workspace
  • If you want the names of variables themselves to be determined programmatically, read this and reconsider





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