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How to change 'figure' title to wanted text

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I created a figure (graph) and I want to change the "figure" title to an intended text. How can I do that?
Thank you and looking forward for your help.
Here is what I've done :
%Assigning wave height to variable H
H = data;
%plotting the data (H) on a bar graph
figure('St Kilda Wave Height','H','1','off') % I want to change the title in the window "figure1" to this text.
grid on
xlabel('Wind Speed (m/s)')
ylabel('Wave height (mm)')
%figure('St Kilda Wave Height','H','1','off')
ave_wave_height = mean(H) %Calculating the average wave height of the data
stdev = std(H) %Calculating the standard deviation of the data
title(['Avarage Wave Height (mm): ',num2str(ave_wave_height), ' Standard Deviation: ',num2str(stdev)])


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Accepted Answer

Aayush Shah
Aayush Shah on 18 Jun 2020
Hi Danny,
My understanding of your question is that you aren’t able to change the default name of the figure from ‘Figure 1’ to something that you want to. So, the way you do it is use the following code instead of the code you mentioned in bold.
figure('Name','St Kilda Wave Height','NumberTitle','off')
This would solve your issue.

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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 18 Jun 2020
fig = figure('Name', 'St Kilda Wave Height', 'NumberTitle', 'off');


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