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How to create a .mat file and format the data with 5 features to classify using ANN

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Apoorva Maiya
Apoorva Maiya on 26 Jun 2020
Hello community! I have attached an excel file with 21 columns and 6 rows. The first column can be ignored as it only contains the names. each column represents measurements taken from a patient. There are 20 columns with measurements first 10 representing abnormal and next 10 normal. Each row from 1 to 5 represents the 5 feature values extracted. The last row represents the group -1 meaning cancerous and 1 meaning normal. Now, I want to create a .mat file with 7 variables. namely:
F- first row values
L-second row values
C- third row values
Co- fourth row values
E- fifth row values
grp- sixth row values
and a variable Y which has columns as number of patients and rows with all the five features. I am trying to do something similar to formatting the data discussed here- Please someone guide me through this. Thank you in advance.


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