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Split and search strings

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Philipp Mueller
Philipp Mueller on 7 Jul 2020
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
First Question:
I have one string called DetailInfo
split2 = regexp(DetailInfo, ';', 'split')
Result -> I got a 1*7 string array -> C_t=3;G_B=0;E_F_li=0;ES_Fi_e=0;N_Fee=0;twixx=6;
But i want a 1*7 string array with only the value after the = sign ->3;0;........
How does it work?
Second question:
How can i check if after I+3 random numbers like l069_ is something. For example 2. String U2_walde_fuckhfg! result=U2_walde_fuckhfg
  1. String: 04660_s_str_uufi_a0560_t5_fs_v22_l069_
  2. String: 04660_s_str_uufi_a0560_t5_fs_v22_l066_U2_walde_fuckhfg
  3. String: 0466550_s_str_uufi_a00_t5_fs_v22_l067_U2_walde_fuck
Thank you
Johannes Fischer
Johannes Fischer on 7 Jul 2020
Using regular expressions is the way to go for these kind of problems, so you are on the right track already.
I suggest you take some time and introduce yourself into regular expressions, believe me it is a time well spent. There is an introduction by MathWorks here, but Im sure you will find many other useful introductions online (at quick glance, the MathWorks introduction is probably not suited for people who never worked with regular expressions before). When you are familiar with the basics have a look at 'capture groups', this is what you need when you want to extract information from a string.
I'd like to suggest that you use more family friendly examples next time. These might keep some people from answering your questions...
Philipp Mueller
Philipp Mueller on 7 Jul 2020
Ok, in anderen Foren (nicht Matlab) wurde mir gesagt ich solle auf höfliche Anreden und andere Dinge verzichten und mich auf das wesentliche beschränken. lg

Answers (1)

dpb on 7 Jul 2020
There's new set of higher-level functions that will do the first...
>> str2double(extractAfter(split(DetailInfo,";"),"="))
ans =

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