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Loop through multiple EditField controls placed inside the App Designer and get values from them.

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Hi, I have placed multiple EditField controls within my App Designer aplication that I am trying to build.
I am now trying to create a function which will loop through all the 'EditField.Value' controls, compare the value and replace it if required.
How do I get hold of 'EditField.Value' programaticly by looping through all the controls at once?
I was hoping to use control name to access it directly but just cannot work out how it can be done.
Thank you for your help

Accepted Answer

Dennis on 10 Jul 2020
If your edit fields have systematic names you can do it like this:
for i=1:3
You just need to pay attention, that you might need to rename the first EditField to EditField1.
You can also create EditFields in a loop, which is really helpful, when you need to create more than 2 or 3.
For example you could put this in your startupFcn:
for i=3:-1:1
editFields(i).Position = [90 100+i*40 100 22];
app.editFields=editFields; %you need to add the editFields property to your app for this to work
Then you can simply loop through your handles:
for i=1:3
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Paollo007 on 10 Jul 2020
Dennis, this is exactly what I was after. I am a complete newbie to MATLAB so thank you very much for opening another door to MATLAB knowledge ;o)
All the best and thanks again.

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