Simulink and Git with Bitbucket (HTTP instead of SSH)?

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I'm successfully using Bitbucket via HTTP with TortoiseGit client. This proves that my network connection is functioning correctly with Bitbucket.
I've installed the Git according to Mathworks instructions (command line Git option installed) and created a simulinkproject where I've included my Simulink model. I'm fully aware that in order to use Git with Simulink, the simulinkproject needs to be used.
I can succesfully create commits in Simulink (for my local repo), but I cannot push/pull/fetch the data between the remote and local repo. Obviously the network is working correctly because I can succesfully push/pull/fetch with a Tortoise Git client. However, Simulink client does not allow this and once I click "push" or "pull", I get an error:
In my case I'm forced to use HTTP protocol, and SSH is not an option for me.
I'm aware that Mathworks suggests to clone the repository initially via SSH, but this is not possible for me. I have cloned it via Tortoise Git and then started using the cloned repository in Simulink.
Can I get the Simulink client working with HTTP protocol somehow? I expect, that when the remote connection works with Tortoise Git, then it should also work with Simulink. What should I fix?
By the way, I'm using Matlab 2018b 64bit with Update 7.
My operating system is Windows 10 Enterprise.

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