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How do I add subscript text in a formal table

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How do I make subscripts in the text of the table?
I tried using this, but that doesn’t work as the mlreportgen.ppt and both have Text() objects and the report one doesn’t have a subscript property.

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 28 Jul 2020
Report Generator's PPT formatting objects like 'mlreportgen.ppt.subscript' can not be used in a DOM or Report API report.
To display text as subscript in a DOM FormalTable, please make use of use 'mlreportgen.dom.VerticalAlign*'* whose documentation is linked below:
As an example, here is a sample script that creates a formal table, with the first body entry containing the subscript text:
import mlreportgen.dom.*;
d = Document('output','pdf');
para = Paragraph('A');
para.Bold = true;
text = Text('STP mean');
text.Style = {VerticalAlign('subscript')};
headerContent = {'Parameter', 'Value', 'Unit'};
bodyContent = {para, '325.61541', 'N'};
tbl = FormalTable(headerContent,bodyContent);
tbl.Border = 'solid';
tbl.ColSep = 'solid';
tbl.RowSep = 'solid';


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