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okomarov/schemaball node brightness customization

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Philipp Holz
Philipp Holz on 4 Aug 2020
Edited: Philipp Holz on 4 Aug 2020
Dear MATLAB community,
I am using the excellent by Oleg Okomarov to visualize the correlation between 50 sustainability indicators. In order to improve the interpretation, I excluded weak correlations that are between 0 and 0,3 as well as 0 and -0,3 by setting the fields in the matrix to NaN.
Unfortunately, this somehow broke the schemaball feature of nodes being plotted in brighter color when theay are, on average, more absolutely correlated. This is defined in lines 188 - 191:
% Plot in brighter color those nodes which on average are more absolutely correlated
[Z,isrt] = sort(accumarray(subs,abs(r( row + (col-1)*sz(1) )),[],@mean));
Z = (Z-min(Z)+0.01)/(max(Z)-min(Z)+0.01);
ncolor = hsv2rgb([repmat(ncolor(1:2), sz(1),1) Z*ncolor(3)]);
s.s = scatter(x(isrt),y(isrt),[], ncolor,'fill','MarkerEdgeColor',ecolor,'LineWidth',1);
How do I change the code to get this feature back? Any hints are greatly appreciated.

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