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okomarov/schemaball node clockwise orientation

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Philipp Holz
Philipp Holz on 4 Aug 2020
Dear MATLAB community,
I am using the excellent by Oleg Okomarov to visualize the correlation between 50 sustainability indicators. Additionally to my question regarding node styling, I am struggling with orienting the nodes in a clockwise fashion. By changing
% Use tau
tau = 2*pi;
% Positions of nodes on the circle starting from (0,-1), useful later for label orientation
step = tau/sz(1);
theta = -.25*tau : step : .75*tau - step;
% Get cartesian x-y coordinates of the nodes
x = cos(theta);
y = sin(theta);
theta = -.75*tau : step : .25*tau - step;
labelling and nodes now starts at 12 o'clock. However, I'd prefer the overall styling to in clockwise fashion. Right now it looks like
Does anyone know how to align the nodes clockwise? Any hints are greatly appreciated.

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