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Variable Parameters for Simscape Thermal Mass

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Cem Sayilgan
Cem Sayilgan on 10 Aug 2020
Hey guys,
I´m modelling a thermal system with Simscape in which the thermal mass of one of the components is changing after it reaches a certain amount of temperature (the material starts to burn). Because of that I need to change the mass parameter in the "Thermal Mass" block after a trigger temperature is reached.
My Problems are:
  • I can´t define an array for the mass parameter. I would also accept that the loss of mass is like a step function (changing form 500g to 250g), if it´s not possile to define an array to describe it.
  • I can´t connect the "Thermal Mass" block to a Simulink trigger signal, after which the loss of mass appears.
I would be very grateful, if anyone of you could help me out with these problems.
Best Regards


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