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Benchmark my code on 32- or 64-core workstation

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Edward B
Edward B on 13 Aug 2020
Answered: Raymond Norris on 13 Aug 2020
I am running MATLAB code on a 4-core workstation and would like to upgrade to a high performance (32- or 64-core) workstation.
Is there any way to get access to such a high performance workstation to benchmark my code before actually buying the workstation? AWS sells time on virtual clusters, but the "virtual" parallel efficiency of benchmarking on a cluster will be much different than benchmarking on a dedicated single 32- or 64-core processor.
So, is it possible to buy MATLAB access for such benchmarks?

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Raymond Norris
Raymond Norris on 13 Aug 2020
Hi Edward,
Although it's true that multi-tenancy may draw away from benchmarking, I suspect that if you're looking for a crude approximation of performance improvements going from 4 cores to 32 or 64, you'll be fine. Keep in mind cloud platforms allow you to also set other variables, such as memory and GPUs, which provide great flexibility before you commit to your hardware.
If bare metal is a necessity, there are cloud vendors that provide that option as well.
Take a look at for some potential cloud options.

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