Where is my DLM?

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James Brown
James Brown on 18 Aug 2020
Answered: Shiva Katukam on 27 Aug 2020
I'm using SLRT, ver 6.9 (2018b). Where do my DLM files go? When I build a model, with auto-downloading turned off, I see the .DLM file created in the diagnostic viewer. I can load on the target machine, and run it - no problem. However, I do not see the .DLM file in Windows Explorer. The DLM file doesn't show in Matlab's folder view. Furthermore, I don't see the DLM file using the 'dir' command in a command window. During the build process, I see the DLM file appear for a bit then disappear. After stopping/starting Matlab and even rebooting, I cannot the see DLM file, but I can still load onto the target by using tg = slrt; tg.load('mymodel'). The model loads, but I can't see mymodel.dlm. I feel I'm going crazy here. Thanks.

Accepted Answer

Shiva Katukam
Shiva Katukam on 27 Aug 2020
DLM file is present inside <bin> folder in the generated .mldatx file. Please unzip .mldatx file and check inside <bin> folder to access the DLM file.

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