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What is the meaning of p(1, :) in the following lines?

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mathru on 27 Aug 2020
Commented: Stephen on 27 Aug 2020
p = thermalModelT.Mesh.Nodes;
nodesLeftEnd = find(p(1,:) < -1.5+eps);
nodeCenter = nodesLeftEnd(p(2,nodesLeftEnd) < eps);
nodeOuter = nodesLeftEnd(p(2,nodesLeftEnd) > 0.2-eps);
In the above lines, what does it mean by p(1,:) and p(2,nodesLeftEnd)?
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Stephen on 27 Aug 2020
"what does it mean by p(1,:) and p(2,nodesLeftEnd)?"
Very basic MATLAB concepts, such as indexing into arrays, is explained in the introductory tutorials:

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Accepted Answer

Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens on 27 Aug 2020
It refers to the first row and all columns of matrix p.
So find(p(1,:) < -1.5+eps); means look through all the columns of the first row of p and find which ones satisfy the condition that they are less than -1.5+eps.

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