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Is it possible before to run the optimization with GA or whatever meta-heuristic methods (algorihtm of optimization) you can choose or define the step or the increment of the bound of variables ?

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Dear all ,
I saw recently for some papers working in optimization with GA ,PSO ,ACO or others ,when you read the paper and specially once he definde the lower and upper bound of variables defined also the increment of the variables as an example : lets assume f and q are variables of optimization ,and this the values
of f = 0.55 : 0.01 : 1.2 , and q = 0.05 : 0.05 : 2.5
my question is how to define this to the algorithm of optimization ? or what's the way to define like that ?
Thanks in advance for any answer ,
My best regards ,

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Alan Weiss
Alan Weiss on 1 Sep 2020
You are free to use Mixed Integer ga Optimization and define your resulting variables as, for example, integer/100 or integer/20.
Alan Weiss
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