DiagnosticsOutputPlugin or Diagnostic​sRecording​Plugin in MALTAB 2014b

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Is there any plugin similar to DiagnosticsOutputPlugin that support in MATLAB 2014b?
Currenty i am logging some information in testsuite result using DiagnosticsRecordingPlugin in MATLAB2018a
runner.addPlugin(DiagnosticsRecordingPlugin );
TestResults = run(runner,basicTestSuite);
For exmaple, In testcase i am logging the information as "testcase.log(1, 'description: Data is created under the path')"
The logged information during the execution of testsuite is stored in TestResults.
Since DiagnosticsOutputPlugin does not support in MALTAB 2014b, i want to know is there any similar plugin to log the message what ever we need?
Thanks a lot

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