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My Simple model does not run when my time is set to 10 seconds

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Jorje German
Jorje German on 8 Sep 2020
Commented: Jorje German on 9 Sep 2020
I have a stop time of 10 seconds but it doesn't seem to actually leave the 0 sec position. First time ever using simulink, what am I doing wrong.


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stozaki on 9 Sep 2020
Hello Jorje,
Probably because the sample time value in your constant block is the default value.
The constant block sample time defaults to inf. The default value of inf indicates that the block output can never change. This setting speeds simulation and generated code by avoiding the need to recompute the block output.
If you want to get the output of the Constant block at each sample time, set the sample time of the Constant block explicitly to the sample time.
In the previous Scope block, the sample time of the Scope block was set to 1 second, so it continuously observed 1.


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Jorje German
Jorje German on 9 Sep 2020
edit: I have no idea what you mean am sorry. How can I chage it in order to have the schope show up like this
stozaki on 9 Sep 2020
Hi Jorje,
Change the setting of the Scope block to display a straight line.
See the Scope block documentation for details : Scope
Jorje German
Jorje German on 9 Sep 2020
OMG thank you very much. This whole online learning has taken me by surprise. These programs can cause headaches when its a simple setting that needs changing. Thank you

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