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Invalid use of operator on input pdb file

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I was trying to input the pdb data into my matlab and I used the below matlab code:
Streptavidinpdb = pdbread(C:\Users\jacky\Desktop\FYP MSc\matlab\Streptavidin\1mk5.pdb)
however it comes out as [Error: File: compiler.m Line: 1 Column: 29
Invalid use of operator.]
What should I do to fix it?


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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 15 Sep 2020
Streptavidinpdb = pdbread('C:\Users\jacky\Desktop\FYP MSc\matlab\Streptavidin\1mk5.pdb'),

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Chi Chun Jacky Yeung
Chi Chun Jacky Yeung on 15 Sep 2020
Thank you so much. I can't believe that just a simple mistake XD

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