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Can't generate the number from ODE

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Chi Chun Jacky Yeung
Chi Chun Jacky Yeung on 25 Sep 2020
The question is based on the eqation 3a-3e of Data Analysis section of this article:
So far I wrote the code below and after I run it, it still won't show the of the dS:
Ka = 2.5e13; %1/M
koff = 5.4e-6; %1/s
kon = koff/Ka % 1/Ms
S = 10e-6;
B = 10e-6;
S2 = S+B
S3 = S+2*B
S4 = S+3*B
S5 = S+4*B
syms S(t) S2(t) S3(t) S4(t) S5(t)
ode1 = diff(S) == (-4*kon*B*S)+koff*S2;
ode2 = diff(S2) == -(3*kon*B+koff)*S2+4*kon*B*S+2*koff*S3;
ode3 = diff(S3) == -(2*kon*B+2*koff)*S3+3*kon*B*S2+3*koff*S4;
ode4 = diff(S4) == -(kon*B+3*koff)*S4+2*kon*B*S3+4*koff*S5;
ode5 = diff(S5) == -4*koff*S5+kon*B*S4;
odes = [ode1; ode2; ode3; ode4; ode5]
Aodes = dsolve(odes)
The result will shows each S value in 1x1 symfun but not an exact value.


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