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Issue moving GitHub-linked FileExchange post to another user

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I recently created a Toolbox on FileExchange, however, realized later that it would be best to be owned by a different user. I couldn't find a way to 'add' a maintainer or 'transfer' the ownership to the new user so I decided to simply delete the FileExchange entry and recreate it under the other user.
The problem lies in the fact that I had originally GitHub-linked the FileExchange entry to a GitHub repo where I am a maintainer (along with the other user). Now, when the other user tries to create the Toolbox entry in FileExchange on his side, there is an error thrown even though I had deleted my FileExchange post. Seems like an issue with garbage collection. It has been several days now and still the other user is not able to create it with GitHub linking.
Would appreciate any feedback on what I could be doing wrong or to be pointed in the right direction to get proper support.
P.S. I attached a screenshot that the other user shared with me when he tries to create the FileExchange entry on his side.


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Rik on 17 Oct 2020
There is a contact us button (the telephone icon) in the top right of the page.
Raphael Guzman
Raphael Guzman on 19 Oct 2020
@Rik OK, thanks. I hope I have done the correct process now. I've opened a support ticket and can now see it under "My Service Requests".
Rik on 19 Oct 2020
Sound like that should work. I don't work for Mathworks, so I have no way of checking.

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Raphael Guzman
Raphael Guzman on 22 Oct 2020
Edited: Raphael Guzman on 22 Oct 2020
Based on feedback from @Rik. I reached out to Mathworks via a Service Request and they were able to fulfill the ask. My FileExchange entry has now been properly moved to the new user.


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