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global2localcoord - understanding the function

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Josh Allison
Josh Allison on 9 Nov 2020
I am wanting to complete force and moment balance equations for a dynamic biomechanical analysis.
I have defined a 3D local coordinate systems (LCS) at each of the segments of a human arm. I also have 3D drag and lift vectors that are defined in the global coordinate frame. I was hoping to relate the components of these vectors to the LCS of the segments to complete the inverse kinematics for each frame of motion.
Does the function global2localcoord fit this application:
My intention was as follows:
local_drag_vector = global2localcoord(<drag vector in GCS>, 'rr', <segment LCS origin>, <local axes 3x3 matrix>);
I am opting for this method as my data is insufficient for conventional 3D analysis.
Many thanks!

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