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how to display figures on a plot

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Postit123 on 19 Nov 2020
Commented: Postit123 on 19 Nov 2020
I want to display mean and std with some text in a text box on a plot.
For now, I don't know how to relate the values, so I just write the code like this.
I put values one by one after calculating mean and std.
is there any way to take values automatically to the annotation?
Thank you in advance.
[xyz, mn, st] = nmea(stop);
% mn = mean
% st = std
xlabel('time [sec]');
ylabel('position [m]')
str = {'mean_x = -3035497.2060m';'mean_y = 4047836.2866m';'mean_z = 3896386.6521m';'std_x = 1.7452m'; 'std_y = 1.1734m'; 'std_z = 1.9720m'};
dim = [0.53 0.27 .2 .2];


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Accepted Answer

Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens on 19 Nov 2020
str = {['mean_x = ',num2str(mean(x))],...etc}
for example.
Type: doc num2str in the command window.


Rik on 19 Nov 2020
I personally prefer sprintf, because it allows you more control and is trivial to adapt to write content to a file instead.
Postit123 on 19 Nov 2020
Thank you! I've tried both and successfully displayed mean and std.

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