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How to execute a DLL created using the Library Compiler in visual basic?

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Jon Millan
Jon Millan on 26 Nov 2020
Closed: Jon Millan on 30 Nov 2020
I have created a .dll with a function defined in Matlab which has an structure array of different type of data (numbers, text, paths ) as input argument using the Library Compiler. The function is defined as "function Calc_main(Calc_Config)" where "Calc_Config" is the structure array. This function doesnt have any output parameter, it exports the results to a Excel file.
To define the VBA code, I am using the "Integrate components using visualbasic application" Mathworks guide, but I cant make it to run the .dll. Im not sure how to define the function with the array as input and call the .dll library, I have referenced it properly but I cant execute it. The parameter called "inputscript" reads the data from Excel and my intention is to use this array as input for the .dll supplying the structure array input used in Matlab.
Can you see any error?
Here is the VBA code:


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