difference between adjacent elements of a vector

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If I need to calculate the difference between the adjacent elements and know the size of the vector a priori, you will know what to tell me?
Por exemple..
A=[1,4,6,10,33,200,..............................]; A is
out=[A(1)-A(2), A(2)-A(3), A(3)-A(4),...........A(n-1)-A(n)]
Important vector "A" do not follow any rule or sequence. A is a matrix of size n whose value of n is not known a priori.

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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 28 Nov 2020
Edited: Ameer Hamza on 28 Nov 2020
A = [1,4,6,10,33,200];
out = A(1:end-1) - A(2:end);
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Fidele Adanvo
Fidele Adanvo on 28 Nov 2020
Edited: Fidele Adanvo on 28 Nov 2020
if A=[300 499 599 866 886 1000] valores stored value
n1=[1 2 6 ] the position that n1 occupies in A. for exemple n1(1)=300, n1(2)=499 and n1(3)=1000
n2=[ 3 4 5] the position that n2 occupies in A. for exemple n1(1)=599, n1(2)=866 and n1(3)=886.
if n1(1)=0 and n2(1)=0 i wiil have n1=[2 6 ] n2=[ 4 5] and A(n1(1))=0 and A(n2(1) ) =0
A=[499 866 886 1000] .
How to update automatically the new position occupied by n1 and n2 in the new A?
With this example you can see that n1=[1 4 ] n2=[ 2 3].

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