Parking lot problem MATlab

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Oskar Kinat
Oskar Kinat on 3 Dec 2020
Commented: Oskar Kinat on 3 Dec 2020
Ok I have to rephrase my question I do not need a complete solution.
Inital push in the right direction how to do a parking lot code in GUI with an graphic interface? I never did an actual parking lot interface in GUI just comets and slope graphs. How do you tell the system I need a parking lot with cars coming and going?
Thank you.
Oskar Kinat
Oskar Kinat on 3 Dec 2020
Hey Walter,
ehhhh well I guess option 2 :D I have to find the first available parking lot for my arriving cars.

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 3 Dec 2020
As a start, see my attached parking lot demo.
Also see MAGIC for a generic user interface that you can adapt.
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Oskar Kinat
Oskar Kinat on 3 Dec 2020
I think this could actually work for me to complete my task :D (I don't want to jinx it though). Thank you so much

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