Simulink error, MATLAB expression '<output of NameOfFunction>' is not numeric.

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katherine keogh
katherine keogh on 12 Jan 2021
Commented: katherine keogh on 13 Jan 2021
So I have a function with some symbolic variables so I used coder extrinsic to make a matlab function. The output is an array that is 1 by 3. In the matlab function block I take output of the symbolic function and put it through double but it still gives me this error.
I have tried changing it to a double within the symbolic function, but then it says the expected array 3 by 1 not 1 by 3. So I changed the symbolic output to produce a 3 by 1 array and it just comes up with a much larger grosser error. Anyone know anything that can help.
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katherine keogh
katherine keogh on 13 Jan 2021
I am using vpa function now to 10 sf but it still says it is not numeric, even the lines out of the block says it is a double, I'm really confused

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