What is exactly ‘makefile’ facility ?

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Sagar Damle
Sagar Damle on 12 Apr 2013
I am so much confused !!! I want to run a program written in MATLAB on DSK TMS320C6713.It seems from ‘Link for code composer studio’ in MATLAB Help that we can’t run a MATLAB program directly on DSK (first we should convert it into a ‘C’ code).According to rtdx tutorial given in Help , a ‘C’ file(int16_rtdx.c) is used in the project. 1. How did they create it? They have not given the procedure. What should I do for my own ‘C’ file? What is a GEL file? Why it is needed? 2. We can load a ‘C’ code directly on a DSP using code composer studio(without need of MATLAB).Then what is the use of ‘Link for code composer studio’ in MATLAB ? 3. There is a facility ‘Embedded Encoder’ which is used to convert a MATLAB program into a C program. Then we have to load this program onto the target DSP. Am I right? 4. What is ‘makefile’ facility exactly ? Where can I get information about making a ‘makefile’?
Somebody please help me !!

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 12 Apr 2013
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Sagar Damle
Sagar Damle on 12 Apr 2013
Thank you,Walter! I will try to understand this.

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