Concatenate arrays in MATLAB and Change Column name of Table

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I am trying to concatenate a cell array and a double but can't achieve that. Cell array can be generated using below code.
test = {'A.X' 'B.Y' 'C.Z'} ;
Double array can be generated using below code.
test_double = [10 20 30; 40 50 60];
I tried concatenating them using following code
cat(1, test, test_double)
But I get dimension error as follows
Dimensions of matrices being concatenated are not consistent.
Also if I convert the double array to table and rename the columns using input form cell array it gives me an error
'A.X' is not a valid variable name.
Above error can be replicated using following code
test_table = table(test_double);
test_table.Properties.VariableNames = test;
How can I concat the arrays?
How can I convert double array to table and rename columns using cell array?

Answers (1)

KSSV on 15 Jan 2021
t = [10 20 30; 40 50 60];
A = t(:,1) ; B = t(:,2) ; C = t(:,3) ;
T = table(A,B,C)
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 15 Jan 2021
test = {'A.X' 'B.Y' 'C.Z'} ;
test_double = [10 20 30; 40 50 60];
T = array2table(test_double, 'VariableNames', test)
T = 2x3 table
A.X B.Y C.Z ___ ___ ___ 10 20 30 40 50 60
It does require slightly different syntax to access the variables by name using dot notation if the names aren't MATLAB identifiers.
% T.A.X would not work
x = T.('A.X')
x = 2×1
10 40
Indexing using parentheses or curly braces works, though.
z2 = T{2, 'C.Z'}
z2 = 60

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